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Three Reasons Why I know Allah Exists, by Tariq Rasheed, Imam, Islamic Center of Orlando

1) I believe that the most powerful source by which one can know about God ( Allah to Muslims ) is our intellect. I see around myself such perfection of things that you are force to think “how do these things came into existence?” I am most fascinated by the human body. I often think how is it that our bodies could be created without a creator?


Once in my childhood, I fell very ill. I was taken to a hospital where several medical tests were run on me. A pediatrician took great pain in describing to me how our bodies are created with perfection. That doctor described to me the way our organs complement each other by working in total harmony. I remember he showed to me n X-ray of the brain. He tried his best to explain how the brain works. But in the end he confessed that he does not know how exactly the brain actually works. Since my childhood, I am fascinated by human body. I more I explore the human body the more my belief upon God increases. In the same way, the nature is powerful source to know God. It goes on to show how weak we are and how powerful God is.

2) When I look at different things of this universe from water, sun, moon, mountains, trees, etc., it becomes clear to me that they were not created by themselves. These things cannot come into existence without the Creator. Just like a building has a builder, every writing has a writer, every invention has an inventor, in the same way this huge universe cannot come into existence just like that. That is definitely a creator who has created everything. Humans call the creator with different names. Muslims call him with the name “Allah.”

3) Also, the more I read the teachings of the wise and “Chosen people” called Prophets the more it helps me to know God. I read the teachings of people like Adam to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. The teachings of all these Prophets were the same: ”There is a Creator who has created us, and after death we are going to return to Him. So lets believe in Him and do what pleases Him” These Prophets came from the same God who created them. I find great wisdom and light in the teaching to these Prophets. It helps me get a better understanding of God. I get answers of questions related to God, in the teaching of these Men.

I have been a great reader of books. From the books of Abraham to Torah, Bible and Quran, I have read all these books. I feel great peace and understanding in these books. To me these books are Divine. I feel as if in these books God introduced Himself to the world. He invited our attention to His different creation. The more I try to understand these books the more I feel inner peace.

The more I try to understand God, the more I realise that humans are very weak. Humans are ignorant. God is all knowing. Everything belongs to God. He is the Master. Everything is His creation. He the the Creator, the Wise, the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Only.

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