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Message from Sheich Yousef Estes from Guide US TV:

Salam alaykum dear brothers and sisters,
America’s First Real Muslim TV Channel – ON SATELLITE NOW!

Wow – We already have Guide US TV on 3 Satellites, and over 20,000 families watching, and we’re just 10 weeks old!

All across America – Canada and the United States — Guide US TV is broadcasting – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – but we need more content. Guide US TV is ready to step up the pace and bring in the really good teachers, scholars and presenters for shows like:
All My Family (a great family style program)
40 Days & 40 Nights (youth oriented programs with live broadcast of youth telling their stories of faith over evil in these times)
Islam Tomorrow (Teens of America compete to present their best ideas and solutions to problems facing American Muslims)
Islam Newsroom (Muslim style news about Muslim interests, mosques, Islamic schools and activities)
Ramadan Reminders (short talks to encourage and educate us all during the month of fasting)
Perform Hajj (rites, rituals and guides to the most important trip in the life of a Muslim, with actual footage)
Wonders of Islam (science, travel and live interviews with people around the world)
Reverts Corner (new converts to Islam tell about finding Islam and their joys and trials along the way)
Companions of the Messenger (stories to inspire and encourage all of us to live better, more productive lives)
Mothers of the Believers (wives of the prophet, peace be upon him)
All these programs help Muslims and others better understand what true Islam is about and how we can all benefit by learning, sharing and practicing our faith and our way of life as Muslims. The eye of the world is watching – Allah the Watcher – He Knows what we are doing and who is helping.

Many have already started and more are pledging even now – but time is of the essence – we need to hire more professionals and we must get more programs started, build sets, secure more equipment and train more people to handle this important production. – Broadcast live video feeds — we want to bring more scholars on LIVE – daily – from all around America. Already Florida has two brand new studios going up, we have another in Denver, one in Minneapolis, another in Columbia, South Carolina, another is getting ready to start in Los Angeles and our biggest one is already under construction in Manhattan, NY. (5 blocks from Madison Square Garden).

We want to make a change – a big change – for the betterment of all mankind — and it all starts with YOU.

Time is pressing and we must get things going before it is too late. The idea is to get these new programs and live broadcasts all running by April – and we can do it — small amounts add up quickly when we all work together – 10,000 – 5,000 – 1,000 – 5000 and even 100 dollars can make a big difference – IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER.

Just think – if 10,000 families each gave only 100 – or even 50 per month – that would fund critical technology and support our programs in development and help put our live call-in programs on the air.

Let’s all work together to keep Guide US TV on the satellite and support this effort.
Let’s keep this going — donate below!

Remember, our prophet, peace be upon him, taught us – “Allah loves the thing which is done regularly, even if it is small, more than the thing that is done only once, even if it is big”. — So let’s get it going and make it happen – bigger and better – together.

There are moments in history in which the impossible becomes reality – this is one of those times – inshallah.

Jazakallah khair was salam alaykum,
The GUIDE US TV TEAM – we love you for the sake of Allah – and ask you to pray for us – ameen.

P.S. be sure to watch for Abu Zaid, Abu Anas, Yasir Qadhi, Zain Bikha, Bilal Philips, Yusha Evans, Yusuf Estes, Said Rageah and all the presenters on Guide US TV.

After you donate online or mail in your support – be sure to put this on FACEBOOK and TWITTER TOO… tell everyone…

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