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The Patience of Prophet Job

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Today , Islam4mankind will talk about the story of prophet Job and lessons that we all may learn from his patience , how he endure patiently all sort of trial and tribulations. Patience is a much needed virtue that we all need to cope with the challenges we face during our short journey on this earth.
The Quran makes it quite clear that children and wealth are an adornment of this life and that we will be tested through our love for them. (Quran 18:46). In the stories of the prophets, we see that God tested various nations through loss of health and through the loss of wealth, even extreme poverty. God declares repentance and patience to be the keys to eternal life therefore accepting trials and even thanking God for them, denotes a high level of faith. Humankind however is in a constant struggle to accept the message of God.

The story of Prophet Job is full with lessons that we all need to learn to grow spiritually, to be able to be always in a state of hope and thankfulness no matter how hard it may seem . Through his story, we are able to view humankind’s struggle on a more personal level. God does not tell us about Job’s methods of preaching or how his people reacted to his warnings and admonitions. God does not tell us about the fate of Job’s people. Instead, He tells us about Job’s patience. He (the Almighty) praises Job by saying,

“Truly! We found him patient. How excellent a slave! Verily, he was ever oft returning in repentance to Us!” (Quran 38:44)